Harry Styles In The Most Unexpected Place

A piece by Pourna; a narration of incidents during a week of school exhibitions.

I felt quite lucky to find my own class to be my project room. I just sat there glancing at all the projects set before me. Some were interesting and some were as dull and mundane as mine! There was a chart being prepared right before me; it was about Adobe Photoshop. The pictures which the girls were sticking to their chart caught my attention. One looked like a vampire, and my thoughts drifted. I yearned for a topic like fantasy to be allowed in the school exhibition. I didn’t give much heed to that thought, for it was extremely improbable.

Moments later, I looked at the chart again and found a face similar to that of Harry Styles from One Direction. I knew I couldn’t be wrong, with me being such a great fan of their music. I set my foot forward and went closer.

To my astonishment, it was indeed Hazza! For a second I was spellbound, the word ‘Hazza’ playing in a loop in my mind. Then I broke free and asked the girl making the chart, “Do you know who this is?”. I got the reply I expected, “No”. I pressed on and continued, “It’s Harry Styles from the band, One Direction.” The girl gave me a nasty look, which could’ve probably meant, “What can I do ab0ut that?”

With a wide grin on my face, I went back to my place. Only as I sat did I realise that the chart asserted that Harry’s face was photoshopped! I felt terrible; I’ve seen that photo before, but now it was awful and harrowing! The people here saw Harry’s face as being photoshopped, when it is absolutely not. I fretted and fumed for a while, and then left that as it is. The true fans know the allure of Harry’s face; his smile that is so heart-warming, and just listening to his voice is a gift itself! With that in mind, I turned a blind eye to that chart.


The Jelly We Made

A piece by Pourna.

Sitara and I stood there in the kitchen wondering what to do. I darted around in the room glancing at all the ingredients I had and something caught my eye; it was gelatin. An idea flashed through my mind like an arrow! “We can make jelly!” I voiced out to my friend. She gleamed right back at me with a big yes.

After spending some minutes pondering about the measurements and the amount of gelatin needed, we started to work.

We boiled water, added a few spoons of gelatin powder, and mixed them well. I chose ‘rose milk’ flavouring for the jelly. Speaking of which, I regret not asking Sitara about the flavour which she would’ve desired. Nevertheless, we added a few drops of the flavouring and mixed vigourously to get a tangible, transparent, thick liquid.

Right before we were going to cool it we realised we hadn’t added any sugar! And a jelly without any sweetness will be no good; worth the bin by all means. After adding a wholesome amount of sugar, we poured the mixture into a plate and placed it in the freezer (just to hurry things a bit). 🙂

In a matter of minutes the jelly was all set and done; it looked perfect. Sitara and I pulled it apart for we had no patience to cut it with a knife! We then anxiously put a small blob of jelly into our mouths; it was good, but sugary without any taste. The flavouring was to blame, it just imparted the colour but no flavour.

On the whole the jelly was satisfying, a quick dessert that can be prepared with ease!

The Heart of the Mountain

A chapter from Pourna’s new, to-be published fan fiction.

War was brewing. Terror and anxiousness clouded the air; we could sense it growing day after day. The wise claimed it to be ancient magic brought up from the legends and books of yore of which they knew not. We rallied up forces, and forged new alliances with the elves and the men. The dwarves tinkered endlessly. It felt like a threat which wasn’t proclaimed, just hanging in the still air which could crush us any time. Orc raids became more common, and strange creatures wandered in the wilderness. Times were hard, but there was still happiness in our hearts.

I woke up groggily and cleaned myself. The hunt the previous night had left me with mud caked on my feet and on my sleeves. I grabbed my sword and hastily went to the Great Hall.

Lake Town had become a thriving kingdom and was the hub of all communications. Now, it was unusually silent, and the men talked in hushed tones. I was the messenger between the Kingdoms of Middle Earth. I spent my time traversing the vast lands and sometimes hunting.

The Master recognised me and nodded to me. He raised his hand and beckoned me forwards. I moved reluctantly; something about the vibes in the Hall made me edgy.

When I closed in, I could see the Master’s face, beaded with sweat. The usual cheer in his eyes was stained with gloom. His face was pallid and his lank black hair was plastered on his face with his sweat. Something was clearly wrong.

“I have bad tidings for you,” he said, while casting his eyes upon the crowd before him.

“What is it, Master?” I asked, all agog.

His voice turned to a whisper and he said, “The ruins of Dol Guldur—something stirs there. We believe Sauron is resurrecting there.”

I was dazed; a train of thought came into my mind. I had to warn the others.

“Who brought you this news, Master?” I asked, reverentially.

“An elven messenger from the Mirkwood bore these tidings yesterday, and since then, I have had no sleep! Take these words to Erebor and be hasty!” the Master said, without pausing for breath.

I nodded and ran to the inn. I packed my bag with some apples and bread, a bottle of water, and a blanket. The sword hung on my shoulders, hidden beneath my cloak. I stepped out and took a horse. Speed was paramount!

We Are What We Read

From this post from Pourna’s blog.

“One must always be careful of books and what is inside them, for words have the power to change us.”

– From Clockwork Angel by Cassandra Clare

Cassandra Clare has never been more right! I am who I am now because of Tolkien and Eoin Colfer; Middle Earth and Artemis Fowl play a huge role in my behaviour. In a way I think like them, am like them and become them.

Butler instructs me when it times of danger, Commander Root encourages me, Aragorn tells me never to fall back and always fight for your right, the hobbits showed me there is always time for joy and many more! They shaped my personality and sculpt it even now.

The words indeed change us, they really do have so much power than we could even imagine!

The World Beyond

A poem by Pourna.

I see the stars upon the sky,
Wondering when the time will fly
And when it does I will hearken,
To the warm voice from yonder,
See the world darken
And leave it barren.

To the world of my dreams will I go,
And see the happiness with me grow!
Wandering in the woods and caverns
And merry-making in the taverns.
Oh! That is life.

But I choose to return
To the remains and the desolation.
To rebuild my world
And have pride in my nation.