Scientifically accurate comedy

By Sanjana.

Political correctness has gone too far.

The modern PC culture has taunted regular people for enjoying or engaging in “offensive” and “politically-incorrect” comedy. The common man has taken to social media, including the SJW-laden Tumblr to express his exasperation for this attitude, with memes based on one genius’s philosophical comment: ‘No one can make a joke these days.’

The infamous Ray Liotta laugh from Goodfellas

Many good satirical TV shows and films have been unfairly bombarded with partly good and partly bad attitudes from the PC cult. Some, however, have managed to slip out of its clutches and maintain their sanctities. Two such examples are South Park and its less vulgar cousin Rick and Morty.

Wiser words have never been spoken.

Adult Swim’s mind-bending hit comedy is a breath of fresh air. Co-created by Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland, Rick and Morty is easily one of the best shows out there.

Shake that ass!

Rick (burp!) Sanchez is a boozy, cynical, ‘wubba lubba dub dub’ and other silly catchphrases-making grandpa from Earth dimension C-137, whose peculiar character could very well make him a male, older and cooler version of Daria Morgendorffer.

His ideal companion,his socially-awkward and kinda dumb grandson M-M-Morty Smith follows Rick on bizarre adventures across different planets in different dimensions.

Summer, Morty’s older sister has some of the personality traits of a typical teenage girl, but stands out as a family-concerned and nimble girl with an idiosyncrasy of peeing her pants.

unnamed (5)
Beth, well . . . being Beth.

Morty and Summer’s unfailingly, painfully boring unemployed dad Jerry tries very hard to make it up to his family, and has a strong distaste for Rick. Beth, Jerry’s wife, who has a share of her father Rick’s love for alcohol, is an intelligent, independent and compassionate woman who suffers from her insecurities of being a horse surgeon, which Jerry claims is not equal to being a real surgeon.

Rick and Morty offers viewers insightful, thought-provoking ideas about the universe; family, friends and glip glops alike. And as for the science-y stuff, Rick and Morty is a portal of possibilities, with quirky and clever ideas in each electrifying episode, and characters that one keeps coming back for. I mean, who’s ever thought of a cross between Adolf Hitler and Abraham Lincoln, or what TV programmes from every conceivable reality would look like? Now that’s the kind of quality content I’m looking for.

Morty, you gotta flip ’em off. I told them it means “peace among worlds”. How hilarious is that.

While written and made in the styles of shows like Adventure Time and Gravity Falls, Rick and Morty falls into a category of its own: the scientifically accurate comedy. The show has two seasons + an episode from the upcoming Season 3; each episode spans a mere twenty-two minutes—episodes so short but so brilliant, you just can’t get enough.

Frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn about political correctness.

. . . which is what Rhett Butler would have had to say about today’s unfortunate world, where the original meaning of “political correctness” has been tainted by easily-offended millennials. In a dimension where we are under scrutiny for calling black coffee “black” coffee, Rick and Morty speaks out to us. Rick frankly doesn’t care a damn about PC. Nor do the others. The characters are exactly how they are; they say what they actually feel, regardless of the “consequences”.

Talk about being a rebel without a cause.


It is definitely worth your binge. If you haven’t seen it already, *clears throat* * in Shia LaBeouf’s voice*:




A Journey Through Rock and Roll

An article by Sanjana.

A couple of weeks ago, I was looking through my subscriptions list on YouTube, searching for any good new videos from my subscriptions. This was when I found that a new video has been posted by Ten Second Songs, a channel run by Anthony Vincent, a musician who is known for doing covers of songs in different styles. He is most popular for his “Ten Second Songs 20 Style Covers”. This time however, he had a collaboration with Ken Tamplin, a famous vocal coach known for his vocal range, and Gabriela Gunčíková, a Czech singer who represented her country in this year’s Eurovision. The 5:20 minute-long “65 songs – A Journey Through Rock And Roll” video has 65 songs from the 1950s to the present decade showing how much rock and roll has evolved since its beginning.

The video starts off from the 1950s, the “beginning” rock and roll, featuring songs by artists like Chuck Berry, Little Richard, Elvis Presely and a few others who contributed to the rock and roll scene of the 50s. The 50s part is funky and seems more enjoyable than the original songs. The rock songs of the 1960s is vibrant, progressing from softer and more poppy tunes of the Beatles and the Beach Boys to heavier songs like Whole Lotta Love. I particularly liked Janis Joplin’s Piece of My Heart by Gabriela Gunčíková, as her raspy voice makes it just as good as Janis’ (maybe even better) and the “Whole Lotta Love” part by Ken Tamplin is incredibly good. The 1970s part is perhaps the longest decade of music in this video. This is the part where a lot of legendary classic rock songs keep coming; like Sweet Home Alabama by Lynyrd Skynyrd, Another Brick In The Wall by Pink Floyd, Boston’s More Than A Feeling, and Queen’s We Will Rock You. Each one of these songs is done in perfect harmony and is full of energy.

The 80s part is remarkable as well. There are many songs that stood out to me in this decade. The Ace of Spades part by Anthony Vincent was very impressive, as he sounds just like Lemmy. Gabriela Gunčíková’s Run to the Hills harmonies along with Anthony Vincent’s vocals and instrumentals were so powerful that it would be wonderful to hear an entire cover of the song by them. Faith No More’s Epic sung by Gabriela Gunčíková sounds way better than the original, and so does Paradise City sung by Anthony Vincent. The next part is my personal favourite, the 90s. It begins with Ken Tamplin singing Metallica’s Enter Sandman, which again sounds just like the original; and then the grunge part comes in. It starts with Nirvana’s Smells like Teen Spirit and ends with Pearl Jam’s Even Flow. The most unbelievable part of the video is when Gabriela Gunčíková sings Alice in Chains’ Man in the Box perfectly, which I thought only Layne Staley could do. I really enjoyed the rest of the grunge part especially Soundgarden’s Outshined, sung remarkably well by Anthony Vincent and Ken Tamplin.

The 2000s part was simply mind-blowing. Tool’s Schism by Ken Tamplin was unbelievable as it sounds just like the original. Another thing that really stood out was how incredibly good the juxtaposition of Linkin Park’s Numb with Seven Nation Army by the White Stripes sounded. Foo Fighter’s Pretender and Muse’s Uprising was full of energy. The last part of the video, the present deacde, 2010s, begins with Gabriela Gunčíková giving us a powerful scream from Avenged Sevenfold’s Nightmare, before Anthony Vincent and Ken Tamplin join it to sing Imagine Dragons’ Radioactive and the video ends with a bang with Muse’s Psycho.

15 less popular New Age rock bands that you should check out

An article by Sanjana.

If you dig deeper into the modern rock scene, away from the mainstream, you will find manifold proficient rock bands keeping the true spirit of rock and roll alive, as first-rate rock and roll hasn’t been in vogue for past two decades. Here are 15 indie/alternative/punk/hard rock/blues bands from recent times that fit the above description.

1. Royal Blood

Royal Blood is an English rock duo formed in Sussex in 2013. Their music has its roots in hard rock, modern blues, psychedelic rock and everything in between. They have released only one studio album so far—a self-titled album and an EP, both in 2014.They have gained much popularity in the past two years and have peaked rock charts. Royal Blood, as described by the Rolling Stone magazine, is reigniting British hard rock and is the most defiant emerging UK band since the Arctic Monkeys.

2. Catfish and the Bottlemen

Catfish and the Bottlemen is a Welsh indie rock band formed in 2007. Their two studio albums The Balcony (2014) and The Ride (2016) are immensely popular, especially among teenagers and young adults who can easily connect with their music and lyrics. They make feel-good music that’s incredibly catchy, and don’t have a single bad song to date.

3. Wolf Alice

Wolf Alice is a four-piece alternative rock band formed in London. They have released four EPs and are known for their powerful live shows. Their music has a lot of influences, especially from the alternative rock and grunge scene from the 90s. With the combination of dreamy vocals from Ellie Rowsell and powerful riffs in a very alt rock way, Wolf Alice is very unique and is likely to be one of the biggest rock acts in modern times.

4. The Blue Dawns

The Blue Dawns is a roaring mighty garage blues band from York, London. They are quite an underrated band and deserve much more recognition. They have strong bass lines in every song of theirs and captivating songs that will make you crave more. The Blue Dawns’ music bears a striking resemblance to the style of music The Black Keys used to play, only so much better.

5. The Big Moon

The Big Moon is the Veruca Salt of the modern times, except The Big Moon are a group of four. They are channelling the indie and alternative rock scene with their energy-packed vocals and tight harmonies.

6. Highly Suspect

Highly Suspect is a rock trio from Brooklyn and initially started off in the music industry by covering Jimi Hendrix, Sublime and Pink Floyd. Their music is mostly psychedelic and hard rock. This song, Lydia was nominated for this year’s Grammys.

7. Graveyard

Graveyard is a 70s-leaning Swedish band of psychedelic blues rock that makes calming to head-banging music.

8. Dinosaur Pile-Up

Dinosaur Pile-Up is an English alternative rock band formed in 2007. Their music ranges from power pop to post-grunge.

9. Violent Soho

Violent Soho is an Australian alternative rock band formed in 2004 in Brisbane. It explores a great deal of the alternative rock spectrum, particularly grunge.

10. Valentiine

Valentiine is a three-piece post-grunge band from Melbourne, reviving the good ol’ grunge spirit of the 1990s.

11. Against Me!

Against Me! is an emerging American pop punk rock band formed in 1997 making waves in the modern rock industry.

12. Pretty Vicious

Pretty Vicious is a Welsh four-piece rock group from Merthyr Tydfil formed in the March of 2014. This high-energy group plays some sick tunes!

13. Slaves

Slaves are an English punk duo formed in 2012. They are bringing the real punk rock music back from the ashes with their banging tunes.

14. Warpaint

Warpaint is an American indie rock band formed in 2010. Their music has a free-floating sound and they are quite stylishly presented for an indie band.

15. Dead Sara

Dead Sara is an American post-hardcore band active since 2002. The frontwoman Emily Armstrong’s voice particularly stands out among many other singers out there right now. Her vocals and Siouxie Medley’s riffs blend together in the most wonderful way. Dead Sara is energetic, bluesy, heavy and yet mellow in their latest self-titled album (2015).

Watch Your Words!

An article by Sanjana.

Change the Formula’s latest fad Mind Your Language has been entertaining generations of people since 1979. It was when I began watching the series again, six or seven years after my parents showed it to me first, that I told Swathika about this incredibly comical show. Swathika and I were so much taken by it that we told the rest of the band, and even some of our classmates about Mind Your Language. Now we simply cannot spend an entire day without uttering “Santa Maria!”, “Oh blimey!”, “You plenty smart, eh?”, and even the occasional “You lump of Spanish omelette!”.

The sitcom is about an English as a Foreign Language class in London, for adults who are immigrants from other countries, who want to learn how to converse well in English. Jeremy Brown, or Mr. Brown, is the English teacher who is never taken seriously by his students and struggles with keeping his job. He is always under the suspicious eyes of the sarcastic headmistress, Miss Courtney, who thinks male teachers and males themselves are inefficient. The students, however, are the best thing about the show.

There is Juan Cervantes (the Spanish fellow who works in a bar, who is goofy and easily makes everyone laugh), Giovanni Cupello (a fun-loving, girl-chasing Italian chef who deliberately acts stupid to amuse his classmates), Maximillain Papandrious (a Greek sailor who is quite similar to Giovanni), Ali Nadim (a Pakistani who makes more money from the unemployment exchange than by actually working), Taro Nagazumi (a patriotic Japanese who greets everyone with a bow), Ranjeet Singh (an Indian who is constantly brawling with Ali Nadim both in words and in physical fight), Chung Su Lee (a Chinese lady who loves to bring Chairman Mao and his ideologies into conversation), Anna Schmidt (a German au pair who appears to be grim and tough but is the exact opposite), Jamila Ranjah (an Indian housewife who always attends class with some wool and needles to knit with in her hands) and Danielle Favre (the French au pair and femme fatale who is the main distraction to the men in the class but has her eyes only on Mr Brown). These are the ten permanent students, whose dialogues the members of Change the Formula keep quoting in class. Gladys (the tea lady) and Sid (the cockney caretaker) also have an important part in the show.


As it was very stereotypical and not politically correct, it was deemed racist by some people even in the 70s and the show had to be closed by the director after three seasons. It was later revived in 1986 in a fourth season, which was never sold on tape due to copyright issues, and didn’t match the caliber of the previous three seasons.

Mind Your Language isn’t in fact racist, but is about these classmates of different ethnicities learning English together which, in the process, brings them closer in a friendly manner, despite their differences.

With its witty comedy, memorable characters and a clever screenplay, Mind Your Language is perfect for anyone, no matter how old you are or what your mood is, and is no lesser than a TV classic.

10 Incredible YouTube Music Channels

An article by Sanjana.

1. alexrainbirdMusic

alexrainbirdMusic is probably one of the earliest independent music channels, started in 2008. They post very frequently, at least every weekday. alexrainbirdMusic provides a platform for young, underrated bands to be recognized and for their subscribers to find new music.  Rock, pop, folk and electronic music are the usual genres of music found in this channel. Occasionally, this channel posts a relaxing indie/pop/folk compilation, perfect for the summer!

2. Still Finest

Still Finest is a channel for all kinds of house music. It has new music everyday—energetic club music that is unlike any generic EDM you are likely to hear on the radio. Like many house music channels on YouTube, Still Finest has some great mixes from deep house to chill step. Like the name suggests, this channel is the finest for deep house music on YouTube and will keep you entertained eternally.

3. IndieAir

IndieAir posts calming and relaxing indie pop and alternative music for the soul. They don’t always post music but when they do, it is really, really beautiful. The background picture for each music video almost always captures the essence of the music.

4. Trap Nation

Trap Nation is extremely popular on YouTube with over six million subscribers. They call themselves the number one channel for trap music and it’s true. It is a wonderful platform for both new, unknown artists, and also for well-known, established musicians. There is a variety of trap music in this channel to jam out to!

5. Elemental Music

Elemental Music has a much bigger variety of house music. They post only mixes which are almost an hour long so this channel is best for the summer or any other long vacations.

6. Majestic Casual

Majestic Casual posts electronic music, deep house, experimental, hip-hop, indie, pop and everything in between. It has amazing visuals and high quality music. It was one of the first audio-visual YouTube channels.

7. Epic Music VN

Epic Music VN makes scores that go well while playing video games or reading a book. These scores are of many “genres” like action, fantasy, dramatic, and so on, similar to movie soundtracks.

8. mau5trap

mau5trap is a record label founded by deadmau5 . The channel features similar deadmau5-like progressive house music and even the occasional mau5 track.  Being a record label that’s a brain child of  deadmau5, music from mau5trap is bound to be epic. unlike Spinnin Records :p

9. Stay See

Stay See presents a wide variety of smooth electronic music, sounds that will make you chill and take you on a soulful trip.

10.The HVYE

The HVYE has new indie and alternative music from both famous and unknown artists alike. The combination of visuals and music in this channel makes it aesthetically pleasing.